Gann Method Examples

The Art of Spotting & Trading the RangeBound Price Areas

Well, spotting and trading the Rangebound/sideways price areas is one of the simplest acts.  But sadly, most traders FAIL to do that. And … Read more →

See How the Price & Time Scale Triggered Reversal in Intraday

The most valuable wealth of a trader is his knowledge. Knowledge is power & in trading or investing, and you need the power … Read more →

A Classic Example of How a Rangebound Price Area Shows Signals for the Trending Moves

Most traders consider the Rangebound price areas worthless. And they think they will take the trade when the trending move starts in the … Read more →

How ‘TIME’ Played a Crucial Role in Today’s Upside Reversal?

Trading is a serious profession.  It’s a profession where 95% of traders lose, and only 5% of the market players make money. And … Read more →

A Classic Example of How the Price & Time Structures Works in the Markets

Before also, I’ve shown many examples of how the Price & Time structures work in the markets. But, today’s market action is a classical example of … Read more →

How ‘Price & Time Scale’ Played a Crucial Role in Today’s Intraday Reversal?

Many traders avoid the Price & time scale on the chart and just focus on the Price action. And that’s a big mistake.  … Read more →

A Peek into Today’s ‘Buy low & Sell high’ Trades of Nifty

‘Buy low, sell high’ has a strong connection with the natural cyclic changes of the market. And to take benefit from such market … Read more →

An Essential Trading Skill that Every trader Needs to Trade the Volatile Markets

A volatile trading session offers two possibilities—the risk of losing a larger portion of capital and the opportunity to yield above-average profits.  And … Read more →

How ‘TIME’ Played a Crucial Role in Today’s fall?

Trading by using the TIME as the main parameter for determining the trend is one of the most crucial aspects of WD Gann’s work. And … Read more →

An Essential Trading skill that Every trader Needs 

Each trading day presents a different kind of structure. And as a trader, we should have a well-tested plan and set-ups to deal … Read more →

The Two Precious lessons that Today’s market Action taught us

The market actions are the greatest teacher they have their special way to express and hint about future actions. And to understand one of … Read more →

How is Nifty falling again and again from Gann’s SPACE point?

In this post, we’ll discuss about the true Space concept of Gann. The rise on Monday boosted the fallacy belief of the buyers … Read more →

A Classic example of How fast Trends and Positions change in Day trading

You don’t have to pre-determine whether the market will go up or down for day trading. Instead, be fast and go with the flow … Read more →

Profit Opportunities of Today’s Rangebound Market

Many traders avoid trading when the market trades sideways (rangebound). And that’s because it’s hard to find good trading opportunities in such conditions. … Read more →

How Gann’s Square Method Played a Crucial Role in today’s Fall?

Many traders believe Gann just used the squares in a table form. Like squares of 9, 12, 144, etc. But that’s a wrong perception. … Read more →

Learn The Game of Big Trading Moves

For greater trading rewards, you need to be aware of the larger picture of the market trend. Like our Point-to-Point Trading method, students getting … Read more →

Bull-To-Bear Game In The Nifty Index

‘TREND SQUARE’ Method… Secret Weapon of Professional traders CLICK on chart to enlarge it The Nifty Index till Thursday tried lot to hold on … Read more →

A Look At Sell High Strategy In Today’s Market

‘Buy low, sell high’ has the strong relation with the natural cycles. There are a couple of factors which cause the market fluctuations. … Read more →

What Matters The Most To Money Maker Traders?

The money makers (Profitable traders) don’t Pre-determine the trend of markets in advance. They don’t have interest whether the market will reach 10500 … Read more →

The Fallacy Expectation of Bears

The dip on Tuesday boosted the fallacy assumption of the sellers for downside; But market ended the week again on a positive note. … Read more →

How ‘TIME’ Plays Crucial Part In Today’s Fall?

Trading with a piece called ‘TIME’ is the most fascinating aspect. It becomes profitable when we interlock Price with it. That’s what WD … Read more →

How To Develop Profitable Trading Skill?

… Learn, Practice & Achieve. Three essential steps for developing profitable trading skills. To swim, you don’t jump straight into the pool? Right. … Read more →

Hook Timing Method Gold Market Powerful Downside Turn

… Gold 1000 Points Downside SwingSee… What 99% Traders Missed Today!!Gold Triggered the solid downside turn today and sets the tone of profits for … Read more →

Trade For Growth & Prosperity, Not Just For Survival

No doubt survival through trading takes a sizeable chunk of time. The hardest part of trading is to maintain self control. One Buy stock … Read more →

Intraday Options Trading Using WD Gann’s ‘Trend Square’ Method

Many traders doubt. That Gann techniques don’t work for Intraday options trading. The quick answer for them is ‘YES’ Gann methods work on Intraday … Read more →

Trend Square Trading Method Commodity Charts

…Simple Trading Concepts, Always Works BestBelow, I’m sharing the Intraday commodity trading examples using the new Gann’s Trend Square Trading Method.Click on chart to … Read more →

Nifty Trading View for 03rd March

In the last analysis, we discussed. The imbalance in the Nifty Index Price & Time Structure is the significant cause behind the massive fall. … Read more →

Trading Nifty Downside Swing for 300 Points Profit

Understanding of Market Trends Requires the Deep Knowledge of ‘Price & Time’ Structures For making Intraday profits and converting that into a huge … Read more →

Hook Timing Method: Crude Oil Intraday Trading Signal

Extraordinary Trading Resultneeds Extraordinary Efforts Above I have shared the Intraday Trading Signal by using or new trading discovery ‘Hook Timing Method.’ Our new … Read more →

Expiry Session Intraday Trades

F&O expiry sessions are one of the most critical days for Intraday trading. During expiry trading sessions, for Intraday trading, one can find … Read more →

The Slow Speed of Money Flow

We had already discussed the flow of money is equal to markets trend. But the sometimes Slow pace of markets creates uncertainty in TRENDS. In … Read more →

The flow of Money in Intraday

Intraday Trades of Today For making Intraday profits and turning that into a massive one, we need to understand the flow of the … Read more →

Bank Nifty Volatile Dynamic Trading Market

Bank Nifty Index is the next most dynamic trading market. From the last three years, volatility in Bank Nifty has evolved a lot. Only … Read more →

Crude Oil Dynamic Trading Market

Only Dynamic Trading Knowledge Brings Profit The dynamic trading markets need dynamic trading tools for profitable trading. Crude Oil is one of the most … Read more →

Swing Trading Stock Reliance

…Reliance Stock Trend Reliance is one the significant stock of Nifty 50 Index. The stock is in downtrend from the past two months. … Read more →

Trading with Dynamic Pivot Point

Trading with Dynamic Pivot Point are one of the unique way to trade. They offer the chance to make the right amount of Profits & … Read more →

Election Result Day Intraday Trades

…Volatility is Profitable, But, only when you have a Proper Trading Plan The volatility in the markets always gives birth to opportunities. But, … Read more →

Nifty Effective Trading Result

…Profit-Generating Trading Results, Are Simple to Achieve Recently two weeks before, In Nifty Index analysis, we discussed. KEY support levels of Nifty, as … Read more →

Why Traders fail to achieve Consistent profit

Traders fail to achieve consistent profits in the market. It is not the easy game than it looks in first sight. Hardly 5% … Read more →

Stock Market Testing Patience

It’s been a month & stock market are trading in Range, and testing the Patience of both Buyers & Sellers. If we see … Read more →

Value of Trading Edge

Playing smart and which also add Value to the winning side to your trading equation builds an EDGE. There is a thin line between … Read more →

A Master Level Trading Knowledge

A Higher Level of Learning for Mastering the Market Price & Time Swings50 Million Worth trading career of Gann was not built on … Read more →

Three Quality Trading Signals

Our Premium trading Method ‘True Market Rhythm’ has given Three Successful Trades this week As a Trader, we must need to recognize such type of … Read more →

‘Thin Line of Success’

When we use tools which give us great confirmations about the next upcoming turn, which average traders don’t see or even they can’t … Read more →

Sun Pharma Stock Swing Trading

Sun Pharma Stock after hitting the Six-year low levels in Jan 2019, Stock has shown the sharp rise, which was well supported by short-term … Read more →

The Framework of ‘Abnormal’ Profits

Since the last two days, we are witnessing a quick Rise & Fall moves in our market, and these are the times when … Read more →

Two Trades By Silent Men

“You do not know the rules the silent men of Wall Street use.” – WD GannIn the above words, Mr. Gann indicates general … Read more →

Voltas Stock Near Critical Resistance

In our last analysis, we pointed out Stock is approaching to its Resistance area & if it fails, to cross that area then … Read more →

SBI Stock Near Critical Support

In our last analysis, we pointed out that stock has given a fresh sign of further downside & yesterday stock made the low … Read more →

Nifty Approaching Critical Support Area

In our last Nifty analysis, we pointed out that Nifty has hit the critical, BUY turf/area (Buy Zone), which I posted on 29th … Read more →

Nifty Clues Before Budget Event

We have an Important Event of the Budget on 1st Feb & before that, today Nifty has hit the critical, BUY turf/area (Buy … Read more →

The ‘VOLTAS’ Stock Trend

The ‘VOLTAS’ Stock Trend is a downtrend, but at present, it has reached its general bounce/reversal area, If it fails to hold the 527 … Read more →

Kinship Trading Principle: Intraday Nifty Chart

In reply to an inquiry from a reader about how the ‘Kinship Trading Principle’ method works in the Intraday lower time frame, I’ve created a … Read more →

Hidden Goals & Plans of our Trading System

Every business follows a fixed set of goals and plans, which support its business growth. The same is the very case with our … Read more →

Introducing The ‘Kinship Trading Principle’ Course

Whether it is Intra-day Weekly or any other time frame, this technique is helpful in every phase of the market and any time … Read more →

Nse Stock Maruti Intraday Trading Level

The above marked Red dot area is the Important pivot point, holding above it higher levels can be re-visited by the stock in … Read more →

Understanding hidden Price & Time Structure…

Don’t Fight the Trend . . . Follow It… The recent Nifty move teaches us this lesson again, but the question is How … Read more →

Sun Pharma Stock Trend

  Early Detection of Changing Trends   Sun Pharma Stock Trend Recently Sun Pharma stock had broken its Important Gann angle, Stock can … Read more →

Expertise Removes Uncertainty . . .

Crude Oil Trend Continues The Crude Oil Market continues on its trend to more significant highs. The majority are still only watching in … Read more →

Stock Market Further Prediction…

In Nifty as we updated on 5th Nov regarding starting off short-term correction phase, the precise same market is witnessing this week also … Read more →

Silver Market Further Update & Crude Oil Price Breakout…

Natural Support / Resistance – FME Method Price Points  As in our last Silver Market post as we said Prices are near critical … Read more →

Silver Market near Critical Pivot Point…

Watch for Further Breakout above or else for Breakdown below   Bulls & Bears will closely watch for further move near to this … Read more →