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Kinship Trading Principle: Intraday Nifty Chart

In reply to an enquiry from a reader how, 'Kinship Trading Principle' method works in Intraday lower time frame, I've created a hypothetical chart of Intraday Nifty chart of this week.

Kinship Trading Principle: Intraday Nifty Chart

Kinship Trading Principle: Intraday Nifty Chart

Buy signal triggered on Monday & after that, it came two times near to the Sell level / Trend change point, & both the times it respected that level well & moved up.

After that today it breaks the Sell level / Trend Change point & gave the excellent entry for sell.

Our new course 'Kinship Trading Principle' is based on one of the greatest Natural Principles.

Which adjust itself wonderfully as per the latest price information for detecting excellent Buy / Sell points which are invisible to other traders.

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