WD Gann The Trading Legend

WD Gann was born on the 6th of June, in the year 1878, It was in the town of Texas known as ‘Lufkin’, Gann’s parents were a strict believer of Methodist church family culture, and

WD Gann’s Harmonic Price & Time Points

Gann made the extensive use of Harmonic Price & Time points throughout his trading career; however, the best & excellent use of such Precious information can be generated by only applying specific Mathematical formulas

WD Gann On Profits

You must always learn that normal profits must be accepted in normal markets, and in abnormal times you can try for abnormal profits, but protect your trades whether they show profits or not, with stop loss

WD Gann’s Trade Secrets

The works of genius unfold a combo of several techniques, principles. A hard-sought concept derived from nature, histories such as mathematics, astrology, geometry, Wars, and battle dates. The pursuit of discerning ‘WD Gann Trade Secrets’ works

Time is the Most Important Factor: WD Gann

Time Quote Of Gann

By studying the past records of the averages or individual stocks you will be able to prove for yourself that history does repeat and that by knowing the past you can tell the future

WD Gann’s Mysterious Trading World

WD Gann was a man who found his path and, through diligence, persistence, and hard work, created a world of his own. WD Gann in his world inspired many who wish to get

“You Don’t Know the Rules the Silent Men of Wall Street use.”

See What Others Normal Traders Can’t. Today will discuss two such events, which was there in front of you in invisible form, & advantage of such events can only take by learning

WD Gann Angles: Geometrical and Mathematical Structure of the Markets

There are many other ways to use Gann angle numbers. Gann had told the calculation-based way also to use Gann angles. For such, you need the Gann angle number. And then add such Gann

WD Gann’s Square Concept

Gann’s techniques and tools of trading are very conceptual and based on in-depth knowledge of the market. So, anyone who wishes to use his technique cannot just hover over the market instead need to have