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Insight Into Gann’s 50 Million Trading World

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In the 20th century, when the financial markets were not so popular as today, neither people were aware like in present times. In those times, William Delbert Gann discovered secrets of the markets.

Mr. Gann earned 50 Million USD. The amount of 50 Million USD worth 500 Million USD at present, but Gann never told his secrets to anyone. And thus his real secrets died with him in the year 1955.

WD Gann’s work was perfect & mysterious at the same time. His books are excellent sources of learning his trading concepts.

Mr. Gann never sold his trading secrets. And so, one can only discover his secrets through small clues & hints he left behind in books, charts and research papers.

We knew WD Gann for his hard work. One can understand his market model after putting soul and brain into his work.

Gann’s work is 100% applicable in today’s market. And so on can study his concepts to yield success. WD Gann gained secret knowledge from bible & natural laws.

The world most of time didn’t respect simplicity of his methods. And thus many criticize his work. But his concepts are simple to learn, understand and apply for gaining profits from the markets.

WD Gann traded various markets. And thus, his theories apply on markets across different time frames. Because he developed his theories from laws of nature, and that influences entire universe.

From Intraday Daily to larger time scales, for short to long-term trading. Though there are novel kinds of trading in today’s world, but still holds relevance.

One can discover his secrets after putting dedicated efforts in the long run. They need to be aware of the clues given by him in his papers, and one must regard them as priceless rare secrets.

Secret Gate to

Gann’s World of Knowledge​

secret door

I had spent more than a decade in rediscovering the Gann’s mysterious work. I committed my time in finding bits and pieces of his work and then joint them with my understanding.

The road to his knowledge was tough, but I kept myself keep going. Gann himself used concepts. They still hold same relevance in today’s market. They are to the point, exact and well than other indicator based trading methods.

WD Gann used techniques to trade throughout his lifetime. And this will give you insight into his concepts that helped him to earn 50 Million USD in those times.

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About the Author

Divesh Jotwani is a Full-time trader in the Indian stock market. He has spent over 20+ years researching and discovering WD Gann's methods and applying them day in and out markets.