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Every aspect of life is connected via the cycle of discovery and rediscovery, With many dedicating the totality of their life to pursue the unraveling of WD Gann’s mysterious world.

Many mysteries some of which have left us in awe as we take a keen gaze at the resultant enigma, Gann, a trader who has left us in astonishment with his works notably, comes to mind.

William Delbert Gann Secrecy

wd gann mysterious world
WD Gann

WD Gann was a man who found his path and through diligence, persistence, and hard work created for himself a world of his own.

WD Gann in his world inspired many who wish to get a glance at the esoteric findings of this great icon, Howbeit Gann was not willing to disclose the secret.

A Look into WD Gann Mysterious World

Finding his parameters, facts, and figure which dates years back in history is tedious work, but all this were the sacrifice. Gann paid to create his world of trade, investment, and market, often coming up with predictions. That projects into the future with so much accuracy and consistency.

A look into the WD Gann Mysterious World brings to light, A world filled with numbers, Volumes, time, astrology finely knitted together by the thread of Mathematics and Geometry.

wd gann mysterious world

And Their Significance

Degree: Notable for the conversion of prices to zodiac prices, this he used in making predictions of short-term top or bottom. Change in a trend is indicated either by the degree-making aspect or the significant aspect with the planetary bodies.

Angles: The uses of angles are critical in the division of prices and time into proportionate parts. The angles which are lines extended into the space play a pivotal role in unmasking Gann’s veiled work. Most importantly is the 45° which signifies one unit of price for one unit of time.

Planetary Structure: Gann who often depicts his works through astrological means with the placement of planets uses it to convey time-related messages. Gann found out that many original dates coincide with many astrological themes. A closer look into Gann’s world of planetary placement reveals, that they are mathematical. WD Gann in his usual conventional doings uses this to predict the top and bottom of the trade market.

Numbers: Vital part of WD Gann mysterious world, the never-ending Numbers holds entire of enormous importance often arranged to charts such as Spiral charts and Hexagon charts, Gann’s word is ‘all-important as he quoted said. Many natural dates, records of war, and battle dates were an arsenal at Gann’s hand. The use of Eclipse to predict change in trend, apex, and nadir of the trade market was an indispensable part of Gann’s work.

It’s-A Method

While the mystery of Gann remains a significant discovery, many have yet to fathom or rediscover. The techniques employed by Gann to depict his work were often written indirectly.

Is a combination of several parameters, laws, and principles that have gotten from nature. A product of several steps and processes was the aftermath of Gann’s esoteric works. That can verify by the consistency and the purpose with which fills continuously over time.

WD Gann's Mysterious World

It’s Hidden in Nature

Nature has so much to communicate to us, many of which are a product of the interconnection of several components with others. The beauty of Nature is in simplicity hence the need for breaking it down into bits. This concept however lost in the quest of advancing technology, often resulting in sophisticated tools. The basics of which are lost in the process if there is any swerve in focus.

Humanity loves to complicate the simplicity, with which nature presents its many profound and deep secrets to Gann, and us is not an exception. The average eye of a novice is often not able to interpret that which her eye gazes.

To have a full dosage of nature’s tutelage requires emptying one’s chaff to fully comprehend the many wisdom and revelation with which life presents. That is an essential aspect of nature fully maximized by Gann which births his many difficult works, It is merely said as the Nature of Nature.

World That Connects

Gann has proofed with his work at that time and measurement which are the thread, that has been proved to be spot on by many types of research and findings. The natural world indeed has proven to conceive within it the interrelationship of all things and beings; mathematics and Geometry inclusive.

​​A Classic Mystery

Gann through his esoteric teachings has indeed inspired many to see the many blessings that lie deep in Nature. Nature has however revealed that the beauty of its teachings is keeping it simple. Humanity need not compound this, as the search must be to get more basic teachings and courtly level of understanding.