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A Popular and UnPopular (but Super Effective) Way to use WD Gann Squares

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A wise man said, “What’s popular isn’t always right, and what’s right isn’t always popular.”-Albert Einstien.

The above quote hints that there is a difference between what is popular and what is right. And it also encourages us to question the status quo and seek out the TRUTH, no matter how difficult or Unpopular it may be.

Popular opinion may be formed by the masses or by powerful interests, but that does not necessarily make it true. For instance, despite the popularity of fast food, it is not the healthiest choice for a meal.

Truth is often uncomfortable and difficult to accept.

Like in the work of Gann, there are many ways of using SQUARES, which are so Popular that they are everywhere on the Internet, Google, or Youtube. But they didn’t work the way they should. The reason behind that is simple, they are POPULAR, and what is POPULAR isn’t always right.

The most POPULAR way to use WD Gann Squares is to create a table of numbers like a square of 9,12,52, etc., which Gann did. But he never explained a clear or step-by-step way to use those tables.

gann square of nine
gann square of 12

But do you think Gann was only interested in creating tables of squares? Didn’t he take his knowledge of squares beyond tables?

Of course, he extended his knowledge of squares beyond the tables. He discovered a simpler way of making and using squares, an UNPOPULAR wayan uncomfortable truth.

Let’s have a look at the chart below from Gann. 

This is the exact chart where Gann used Squares in an UNPOPULAR way.

WD Gann Squares

In his UNPOPULAR approach, he used squares so naturally that by looking at past swing points, he knew where the next square would appear, with over 80-85% accuracy.

Earlier, you saw a chart prepared by Gann, which is nearly 100 years old. Now, here’s today’s modern-day chart of the hottest stock Adani Enterprises, on which I’ve used the same original re-discovered technique of Gann’s UNPOPULAR Squares

And finally, after many years, I’m ready to reveal this technique in my forthcoming course named “WD Gann’s Time Squaring Technique” to a handful of dedicated traders who truly understand the fair value of such a powerful technique.  

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In closing, I would like to give advice that is useful not only for trading or investing but also in everyday life.

It is essential to remember that just because something is popular doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do. We should strive to do what is right, even if it differs from popular opinion, instead of just sticking to popular opinion.-Divesh

Take care, folks! Have a great weekend ahead. 

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Divesh Jotwani is a Full-time trader in the Indian stock market. He has spent over 20+ years researching and discovering WD Gann's methods and applying them day in and out markets.