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William Delbert Gann was one of the most successful traders that ever lived and my personal inspiration.

In the beginning of last century, he created methods to analyze the market that are still being used today.

Gann makes over $50 million trading profit and his moves are almost always 100% accurate.

But Gann never shared his secrets in a straight-forward, simplistic way.

If you want them, you have to dig deep and learn from his books, and from practice, which is exactly what I did.

Going through WD Gann’s work and uncovering his secrets took a lot of time and effort. 

Some of his methods that we still use today are fundamentally misunderstood by traders with little experience.

I, myself, have misinterpret his papers a number of times before finally discovering what he meant, successfully applying it in my own trading practice, and creating WD Gann courses based on my experience with his strategies.

William Gann didn’t want you to havethings come easy, but I do

This is why I based my first WD Gann course on my extensive research of his work, as well as on my testing his strategies.

It was difficult for me to convince traders that this course would change the way the thought about trading, and finally connect the dots for them.

But you can’t keep a good thing small. The traders who took these WD Gann courses achieved amazing results, and asked me if I can teach them anything else.


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