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The Classic Example of Price & Time Structure

On this blog, before also I’ve presented many examples on Price & Time structure of the markets.

But, today’s market action is a classic example of this approach. And it is again confirming its worth.

As you already know today, the market opened gap-down. The selling pressure was a bit high in the morning. By seeing such a situation, many Day-traders go for short-trade.

But markets were having something more interesting for Feb 2020 Expiry. After making the low around 10:30 am, Nifty Index started flying higher.

In the afternoon, the buying get more robust, and that had made the Intraday short-seller to book the loss.

The market is supreme. But, when we hold the deep understanding of the market structures. We increase our odds of success in the trading.

Our ‘Hook Timing Method’ is one of those ‘Master’ trading method, which holds the understanding of the deep market structures.

The knowledge of market structure are not limited just to the chart patterns. The real secrets of markets ‘Price & Time’ structure are hard to locate and understand for the novice traders.

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