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Nifty Clues Before Budget Event

We have Important Event of Budget on 1st Feb & before that, today Nifty has hit the critical, BUY turf/area (Buy Zone).

Nifty Clues Before Budget Event

In the above chart, I have tried to show you the same by the angular way, as the actual method, has not been displayed due to security purpose.

There can be BOUNCE, or maybe we can witness, break down also from this point, as an essential point to note here is that this point will give us solid CLUE, till or even after the budget event also it remains safe.

As this is the multi-dimensional view & presentation of analysis, I will make another post & update on this, if we get a breakout from this point.

10500 will be the critical level to watch out, as close below that can show the levels near 10370 / 10245.

Note: Above mention price projection & other Information are for educational purpose only.