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How is Nifty falling again and again from Gann’s SPACE point?

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In this post, we’ll discuss about the true Space concept of Gann.

The rise on Monday boosted the fallacy belief of the buyers that the market will go higher. But on the very same day (Monday), the Nifty turned lower from near the space resistance level (16460) that I shared during the live markets on Facebook, Twitter, and over this page.

And then later, I warned that an eod close below 16250 (space breakout level) might trigger a further drop in the Index. Click here to see the post on the Facebook page.

And since then, the Nifty has been slipping again and again from near the space breakout level of 16250. 

On Tuesday, it peaked at around 16260 (just near the 16250, a kind of breakout retest) & fell nearly 180 points. 

And then again today it made high of 16223 (below the 16250) and fell nearly 200 points. That’s the power of the true space concept of Gann’s. 

In fact, let’s have a look at today’s Intraday movements of Nifty to see how the SPACE works on intraday charts.

Nifty today opened with a gap-up. But soon, it broke below the space support level of the day (see black oval), which was the precise breakout level for the day. 

And around 11:15 am, Nifty again moved higher to retest the space breakout point, and as expected, it dropped again from that retest point. 

Well, there is more. During today’s fall, our space point for upside intraday reversal also shifted lower (see the black oval). And two times the market rejected from that point and every time it fell nearly 100 points from there. 

And here is how I took advantage of these market moves. 

So, that’s how the concept of space works. It’s truly dynamic and simple. That even a 10-year-old kid can easily learn and use it. 

And you can learn this dynamic trading technique by purchasing the ‘Kinship trading principle‘ course. Inside the course, you will learn about the dynamic structure of the markets, which Gann told in his books and courses. And again, that’s the concept that Gann traders don’t know because they are too busy with planets and finding dates. 😂

So, don’t miss the opportunity to learn this highly powerful trading concept of space. You can mail me here to know more about the course. 

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Divesh Jotwani is a Full-time trader in the Indian stock market. He has spent over 20+ years researching and discovering WD Gann's methods and applying them day in and out markets.