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How ‘TIME’ Plays Crucial Part In Today’s Fall?

Trading with a piece called ‘TIME’ is the most fascinating aspect. It becomes profitable when we interlock Price with it. That’s what WD Gann was conveying in his below quote. 

Time Quote Of Gann

Well, many traders believe trading with ‘TIME’ only includes Locating a Bar; but that’s wrong. The calculation’s of ‘Date’ only shows one aspect of the whole ‘BIG’ picture.

For achieving success in today’s system we need the tools that’s displays multi dimensions of an entire picture. 

Let’s look at today’s Nifty & Bank Nifty Intraday chart.

1 Nifty HTM

The market opens 200 points gap-up. In such a case many ‘Intraday Traders’ would have gone for buy side trade. But soon bears dragged the market towards lower side.

That’s where precise knowledge of ‘TIME’ comes into in play. We applied one of our multi-dimension timing tool ‘Hook Timing Method’ to Locate intraday timing turn.

Through our years of research on Gann’s papers & charts; we have discovered some of the best ‘Timing Secrets’ which displays all the aspects of successful trading.

The tools like ‘Hook Timing Method’ results from those efforts.- Divesh