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WD Gann Methods for Market Timing

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…Re-Discovering WD Gann Methods for Market Timing 

When we let a realistic look at Price defining a bottom or top to some trend set part one in our Technique for entering or exiting a market.

We’re within an excellent position to capture that new trend if there exists a further method of confirming that bottom or top.

WD Gann Methods

First, patiently we waited for that market ‘Lows’ and ‘Highs’ to determine & establish themselves as ‘TRUTH’. Then we used our‘Unique’ & ‘Exclusive’ technique (True Market Rhythm Trading Method) to confirm & to ensure the trigger point for change in Trend momentum.

The same defined on above Nifty chart with Golden circles. In every case illustrated, these indication price points revealed themselves before the average traders trading tools gave a clue. You’ll see this clearly on the chart below where common traders trading tool’s signals shown with the Blue rectangles.

Always Let Tops and Bottoms assert themselves instead of guessing once they ‘might’ occur.

True Reality of WD Gann Methods for Market Timing

These days most traders are busy in knowing & learning half baked trading truth about WD Gann methods, for instance, average traders don’t even know ‘When’ ‘How’ & for ‘What’ analysis, one should use ‘Squares.’

The reason behind such misconceptions is the in-depth Knowledge & Wisdom of the particular trading tool, average traders follow the crowd blindly, but it takes courage to move lonely on the path of truth.

The same was with Mr. Gann; he developed such tools & trading skills, which was out of the mind of the average traders.

Here at this site our ‘Goal’ & ‘Thinking’ is different from the average traders, we have discovered & re-discovered such exclusive trading tools. Which will put you in the top position in your trading journey; of course, one must spend time into practicing them after learning.

“Don’t be in Rat’s Race, It’s Time to Drive with Grace”

  • You will Learn to identify the precise Buying And Selling price points.
  • It will help you in knowing Why & Where prices can fall And rise.
  • ‘Unique’ & ‘Profitable’ structure for the “Price & Time” trends.
  • There’s no vast competition, only limited no of Traders are allowed to learn this technique.
  • Works on all time frame from intraday to the long-term period.

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About the Author

Divesh Jotwani is a Full-time trader in the Indian stock market. He has spent over 20+ years researching and discovering WD Gann's methods and applying them day in and out markets.