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Hidden Goals & Plans of our Trading System

true market rhythm method

true market rhythm method

Every business follows a fixed set of 'Goals' & 'Plans', which support their business growth. Same is the very case with our trading and investments.

Our trading and there each move also follows the set of ‘Goals’ & ‘Plans,’ in other simple words I call this a “Rhythm” which varies from chart to chart and from Timeframe to Timeframe

The critical thing these 'Goals' & 'Plans' are the only reason behind the success of professional traders, as they have a fixed set of plan behind their trades & investments.

true market rhythm method

Change is one of the fundamental rule of this ’Nature,’ the same applies to our trading, the above today Intraday 15 Min crude oil chart displays the same.

As the market decide to change their set of “Goal” & “Plan” of the move (trend) for today in intraday & we saw the sell-off despite of good bullish opening - Divesh

"True Market Rhythm" technique is based on such natural fundamental principles, but in a very practical way, which teaches us How to find these hidden Goals & Plans of any trading instrument for detecting the change to get profitable moves.

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