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Our Newest Gann Trading Course ‘Trend Square’ Method

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Trend Square Trading Method

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The New Simple, Powerful & Secret Gann Course ‘Trend Square’

In our journey of solving the Gann’s Mystical work. We discovered new Rare work of Gann. 

The ‘Trend Square’ trading method is our new unique WD Gann inspired trading course. The secret straight from Gann’s archives will reveal the structure of markets.

Trend Square method will disclose the structure which Gann told in his papers. But didn’t explain it. The vital and simple, Mathematical work of the master.

Intraday Chart Examples

Nifty Index

Nifty Index

Reliance Intraday


CrudeOil Intraday Chart

Crude Oil

You Will Learn

  • The New Easy & Unique Approach of Locating Trend Change Points. The successful trading requires trading levels to trade. Trend Square method will help you in locating Buy/Sell points with minimal risk. 
  • One of the Gann’s Rare Trading Secret. WD Gann didn’t sell his secrets to anyone at any cost. But he gave Clues & hints of his secret trading plan in his books, charts and research papers.You will understand one such shocking trading secret of the master. 
  • The Game-changing Method for Day & Swing Trading. Use of Trend Square method is not limited to Daily time frame. You will find same accuracy for Intraday trades.

Daily Chart Examples

Nifty Trend  Square Chart

Nifty Index

Gold Trend Square Chart


Crude Oil Trend Square Chart


Gann discover his trading concepts from Natural laws, same with this technique.  I got my first clue for this technique from Gann’s paper, then I looked deep into it. And I discovered this powerful new trading technique.

Our past students understand the value of each new trading technique we released. They know the Quality & result we deliver in our courses.

I will make this new technique available to only Five student every year. Only few luck one and handful traders will get access to this rare trading secret.

Soon I will post more information and charts of Trend Square method. Interested traders can send mail here for availability and price details.

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About the Author

Divesh Jotwani is a Full-time trader in the Indian stock market. He has spent over 20+ years researching and discovering WD Gann's methods and applying them day in and out markets.