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Time is the most Important factor – WD Gann

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WD Gann
WD Gann

“TIME is the most important factor in determining market movements and by studying the past records of the averages or individual stocks you will be able to prove for yourself that history does repeat and that by knowing the past you can tell the future”.WD Gann

Time has always been, and it will be the most significant aspect of making anticipation about movements in the market.

One who can study the past data and records of the market can understand how history repeats itself and the future can be predicted with the help of the past itself.

These lines mentioned above have one thing in common, and that is TIME. It is the most detrimental factor even in the study of financial markets to predict the future by using the records.

Most of the researchers and traders who follow Gann have a common belief. They stand about Time, which they only use to seek a particular Date or Bar on the charts to attain a Top or predict the Bottom of the market movements and anticipate a turn of markets. 

However, Time has greater reach and resources in itself for the market movements. Often it has been neglected by most of the other researchers who follow Gann.

In my opinion, the line “Time is the most important factor in determining market movements” has a lot to say about the market and its movements which need thorough analysis and in-depth research of Gann’s findings.wd gann tiWhile all other Gann followers and researchers are busy in finding a date to predict a turn in the market.

I was always inclined towards finding the core idea of Gann in stating the line mentioned above, and finally, after more than a decade of research.

Reality which is bitter, but it’s true…

I gained knowledge, about the price points and in-depth connection of price movements, which he wanted to say through this line.

These price points are not detrimental according to the Date or specific Bar or Day of the records of the past instead they hold a robust connection with the Time” in the market that leads to those turns and tops and the bottoms which all seek for directly.

While I am referring to the Price points related to the Time in the market as in the statement refers according to me, most of the other fellow researchers might criticize this by their thought of Price-Time Squaring, which neither I am applying to or not precisely mean so.

In the hurry of cracking and getting to the top in the market by following Gann’s research, often traders and researchers referred to Time as a particular date in the market or day or any specific Bar. However, Gann’s research is not for attaining wisdom without hard and prolonged study.

It has a lot of intensity and knowledge which is far more than only the Price-Time Squaring.

Time in his statement and finding do mean to research the dates and days, and according to market movements, however, that is only half of what he wanted to portray in his finding. He had other visions along with the date factor when he referred to the Time of the market movements.

That is the mistake done by most of the other researchers who only take the half-truth in the total finding and then try to implement it.

Now it’s your chance to learn all those wisdom!!

All my courses provide in-depth knowledge of Time referred in the quote mentioned above. However, in my courses, you can learn about the Unique and Extraordinary Price Turning points” rather than only knowing and learning about how to find a date when the market topped in the history.

That is what I believe in, and thus I teach the same in my courses, and this is rare to find from other traders who blindly think that Time only means to find a specific date in history.

WD Gann Time Based Trading Technique…

In the Dow Jones Industrial Index Chart of 1929, the crash predicts and indicates the significance of the word ‘Time’ and how it helped find the unexpected Price turning point.

wd gann time
1929 Dow Jones Industrial Index Crash

To understand what Gann wanted to portray through his work on Time and his statement, you need to dig deeper and not just hover over the half-baked truth perceived by every alternate person in the market.Divesh

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Divesh Jotwani is a Full-time trader in the Indian stock market. He has spent over 20+ years researching and discovering WD Gann's methods and applying them day in and out markets.