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‘Thin Line of Success’

‘Thin Line of Success’

When we use tools which give us great confirmations about the next upcoming turn, which average traders don’t see or even they can’t imagine. A Great Law at work, for those who believe in themselves & their hard work.

‘Thin Line of Success’

Our Excellent tool 'True Market Rhythm' again gave us a good profit move for Nifty Index, the above shown Red area was the predetermined True Market Rhythm Selling area.

Which I already discussed multiple times, before in my Weekly & Daily Nifty analysis & in the end market reacted on Friday from that projected area only.

But, that’s not the end of the story our same tool confirmed us about today Monday fall also, from the hourly chart when 'Price' breaks below its predefined mathematical rhythm.

‘Thin Line of Success’

More confirmations increase the winning probability of the trade, there was a total of Three confirmations about today’s Gap-down & downfall from the higher levels.

Amazing thing is that only one ‘Single’ method confirm us about the down move by 'Three' distinct ways.

If you’re getting thin chances of winning in your trading, then you must have a look at our private & valuable course offerings. – Divesh