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Silver Market Further Update & Crude Oil Price Breakout…

Last Updated: October 26, 2017 By Divesh

Natural Support / Resistance – FME Method Price Points 

As in our last Silver Market post as we said Prices are near critical price point, so Bulls should make attention


Previous Silver Chart…



New updated chart with Further Price Points…


As we see clear in above chart, how nicely Market obeys Natural Support / Resistance Price Points which are completely invisible to other traders, such Unique & Secret trading methods can only be found here only as I always believe “Uniqueness has its own value & demand”


Crude Oil Price Breakout…



Crude Oil Prices in International market are trading near good Breakout Price Point, which can also turn out to be a major price breakout for much higher targets…


Watch for the confirmations mentioned – Divesh


NOTE: These projections & views are not given in an advisory manner but only as an educational tool.


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