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July 17, 2020

The Fallacy Expectation of Bears

The dip on Tuesday boosted the fallacy assumption of the sellers for downside; But market ended the week again on a positive note. And bears get punished.

That’s where the deep knowledge of Market Price & Time Structures comes into the play.

After Tuesday fall; I put the analysis for Price & Time Group Members that LOW of Index is at Critical point. And further downside will happen only below lows only.

That helped many Readers by not falling in the bear trap. There was another picture of the market visible to our ‘Kinship Trading Principle’ Course owners.


A picture is worth a thousand words.  The extraordinary structure of Market kept the 'Kinship' method traders align with the True trend, and later on Wednesday it REVEALS the buying point for almost 200 points rally.

Even for today in Intraday also, ‘Kinship’ method display’s it’s true worth'. It picked the Right trend change point at the Correct time and rewarded with over 100 points gain.

Were you able to analyze or Locate worthy market points? If not, then I will encourage you to have a look at our Exclusive ‘Gann Trading Course’ section on the site.

You will find many ‘Unique’ trading courses; that are discovered after years of deep research & hard-work.

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