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Nifty Bank Nifty Trading Strategy for 06th July

Nifty and Bank Nifty today opened gap up and hold the gains as well.

On Friday, both Nifty and Bank Nifty gave the breakout above the Gann Angle line (see the below chart).

It was a positive sign and a great buying opportunity. We discussed that a break above the Angle line would bring the bulls back in the game in Friday’s analysis.

Now Nifty bulls need to hold a 15770-760 price zone to continue this upside trend. On the higher side, resistance is at 15880-890 price zone.

Bank Nifty has to cross and hold above 35400 and 35600 levels for a smooth upside move. On the downside, support is at 35050-35000 price zone.

Nifty today Opened Gap Up EOD Analysis

Nifty Intraday Gann Levels.

Nifty bulls need to break & sustain above 15850 to move towards 15880/15920/15970 levels.

On the lower side, the Gann support level is 15770; below that Index can move towards 15740/15700/15650.

Bank Nifty EOD Analysis

Bank Nifty Intraday Gann Levels

Bank Nifty bulls need to break & sustain above 35350 to move towards 35500/35700/35950.

On the lower side, the Gann support level is 35000; below that Bank Nifty Index can move towards 34850/34650/34400 levels.

Note: The above levels are for educational purposes only, not Buy/Sell advice.