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MCX Silver Gold Crude Oil Weekly Trading Outlook 08-12 March

Last week, Gold and Silver continued the downside move.

Both broke their crucial Gann level, and because of that, we may see lower-levels in the coming week.

Crude Oil last week first goes down and then turns up precisely from the Gann angle line to continue its upside journey.

The chances for upper levels are high till MCX Oil is holding 4700 & 4500 levels.

Mcx Gold Chart

MCX Gold Weekly Levels

Next week 08 & 10 March is the important dates for MCX Gold.

Resistant is at 44750 levels; above that, Gold can move towards 44900/45150/45750.

Support is at 44400 levels; below that, MCX Gold can move towards 44250/43999/43400.

Mcx Silver Chart

MCX Silver Weekly Levels

Next week 10 & 12 March, are the critical Gann dates for Silver.

Resistant is at 66700 levels; above that, Silver can move towards 66999/67500/68500.

Support is at 65800 levels; below that, MCX Silver can move towards 65500/64999/63999.

Mcx Crude Oil Chart

MCX Crude Oil Weekly Levels

Next week 08 & 10 March are the important dates for Crude Oil.

Resistant is at 4910 levels; above that, MCX Crude Oil can move towards 4960/5050/5190.

Support is at 4790 levels; below that, Crude Oil can move towards 4740/4650/4510.

Note: The above levels are only for study. Not a Buy/Sell advice.