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MCX Silver Gold Crude Oil Weekly Gann Trading Levels

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Last week Gold and Silver change in trend happened as per the seasonal time cycles.

MCX Crude Oil’s downside view gets neglected. As the price didn’t break 3790 levels. The low was around 3825 & their Crude Oil made the high of 4180 on Friday.

MCX Gold Trading Levels

Next week 08 & 012 February are the crucial Gann dates for Gold.

Resistant is at 47400 levels; above that, the MCX Gold can move towards 47550/47800/48300.

Support is at 47000 levels; below that, the Gold can move towards 46850/46600/46100.

MCX Silver Trading Levels

Next week 08 & 10 February is the crucial Gann dates for MCX Silver.

Resistant is at 69000 levels; above that, the Silver can move towards 69350/69850/70600.

Support is at 68300 levels; below that, the MCX Silver can move towards 67950/67450/66700.

MCX Crude Oil Trading Levels

Next week 08 & 09 February are the important Gann dates for Crude Oil.

Resistant is at 4210 levels; above that, the MCX Crude Oil can move towards 4260/4340/4480.

Support is at 4080 levels; below that, the Crude Oil can move towards 4030/3950/3810.

Note: The above levels are only for study. Not a Buy/Sell advice.

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