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Crude Gold Silver Weekly Outlook 12-16 Apr

Last week, Gold and Silver continued to rise after making bottom near Gann levels.

The 4500-4540 zone in Crude Oil worked well. From 4503, Oil fell over 250 points in a single day. 

Gann angle levels

MCX Gold Weekly Gann Levels

Next week, 12 & 14 April, are the critical dates for MCX Gold.

Resistant is at 47100 levels; above that, Gold can move towards 47300/47600/48200.

Support is at 46500 levels; below that, MCX Gold can move towards 46300/45999/45400.

MCX Silver Weekly Levels

Next week, 14 & 16 April, are the critical Gann dates for Silver.

Resistant is at 67200 levels; above that, Silver can move towards 67500/68100/69300.

Support is at 66300 levels; below that, MCX Silver can move towards 65999/65400/64200.

Crude Oil Weekly Levels

Next week, 12 & 15 April, are the critical dates for Crude Oil.

Resistant is at 4510 levels; above that, MCX Crude Oil can move towards 4580/4670/4810.

Support is at 4370 levels; below that, Crude Oil can move towards 4299/4210/4070.

Note: The above levels are only for study. Not a Buy/Sell advice.