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Gold Silver Crude Oil Weekly Trading Strategy 26-30 July

Gold and Silver on larger time frames are trading near make or break levels. Gold and Silver bulls have to pull hard to get the momentum back.

Gold bulls need to protect the 47250-300 zone. And Silver bulls should move above 69100 to change the circumstances.

After over 800 points fall from discussed resistance (5725-5750) zone, Crude Oil bulls are again showing their strength.

Above 5290, bulls are strong and can hit 5420/5500/5630 levels back.

gold weekly

MCX Gold Weekly Levels

Next week, 26 &30 July, are Gann reversal dates for MCX Gold.

Resistance is at 47800 levels; above that, Gold can move towards 47950/48200/48600.

Support is at 47250 levels; below that, MCX Gold can move towards 47100/46850/46450.

silver weekly

MCX Silver Weekly Levels

Next week, 26 & 30 July, are the Gann reversal dates for MCX Silver.

Resistance is at 67650 levels; above that, SilverSilver can move towards 68050/68600/69400.

Support is at 66600 levels; below that, MCX Silver can move towards 66200/65650/64850.

crude oil weekly

MCX Crude Oil Weekly Levels

Next week, 26 & 30 July, Gann reversal dates for Crude Oil.

Resistance is at 5420 levels; above that, Crude Oil can move towards 5470/5530/5620.

Support is at 5290 levels; below that, MCX Crude Oil can move towards 5240/5180/5090.

Note: The above levels are only for study. Not a Buy/Sell advice.