True Market Rhythm

                                       “Every beginning has end & Every end has new beginning“


Markets are same just like the tides on the sea flow in and ebb out again, as you see the tides in sea goes up & down and continue this whole process as the intensity of going up to down or down to up only varies, even our modern day financial market also works on this same natural element prices goes from up to down or from down to up

Hence, based on my almost a decade research towards financial market s, I made one most dynamic approach to capture this natural process of nature in markets where we projects  future moves of market , I use to call this approach “True Market Rhythm”

Where we forecast the future move of any stock or commodity or even currency market with great accuracy, This approach is based on the Mathematical principle & Natural element of market, so this works very well in today & so on even in future also


Above chart is of this approach only


Above chart also displays, How this technique captures swing even small swings can also be captured if we wish to do so


                                                 “Every beginning has end & Every end has new beginning”

This approach is same like from where a particular trend has started will going to end at certain point, this approach will project that end point & that to with great accuracy, Even this method also calculates Buy & Sell points, This method works on all time frames Daily / Weekly / Monthly & even very well on intraday charts

Let me clear this approach is not based on any so called indicators or software or not even any part of Fibonacci has been taken for the future projection of swing high or low, This is same like my all other methods which is hardly known by traders around the world (hardly 1% traders in the world are aware about this approach)


I m very selective regarding in teaching this method, as like my all other courses this course will also be offered to only 5 students every year, Those who are interested can send me mail for more information regarding this course – Divesh

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