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As per previous analysis; Weekly Nifty Trading Level 9120 worked perfectly. Nifty did all three targets on the upside. The Index ended the week with 541 points gain.

The prediction for a rise in the last week worked. That’s the power of Gann’s actual Price Time Squaring method. Now June will be the most critical month for markets.

In the coming week, 01 & 04 June is the Important Gann dates.

Nifty Weekly

Nifty Weekly Trading Levels

Next week 9630 will act as Resistance above, which moves towards 9690/9780/9950 can come.

While I expect support to take place at 9450 below, that move towards 9390/9300/9130 can be seen.

Note: Above mention Price projection & other Information is for educational purpose only.

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