February 26

Trading With the Trend

By Divesh

February 26, 2020

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...It is always Profitable
to understand market Trends for increasing the odds of our success in trading.

Trading with the trend is a classic pearl of wisdom. As a trader, you have possibly heard the maxim that it is best to “trade with the trend.”

A lot of traders fail to determine the actual market trend. The simple reason for that is the negligence of the time frame. While trading, the importance of time frames holds the significant KEY in determining the trend.

For fixing the time frame problem,  you can divide trades into three sections.

  • Day Trading
    For Day Trades, 5/15/30 mins can be the optimal time frame. Even many traders also prefer a 1min time frame.
  • Swing Trading
    For the Swing Trades, one can use Daily & weekly time frame. Here, I want to add my two cents. For Swing trades, we can also examine the Hourly chart in sync with the Daily time frame. But that demands a lot of practice and in-depth knowledge of market Price &Time structure.
  • Positional Trading
    Now for Positional Trades, you can prefer Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly charts. The 'Time Cycles' also plays the crucial role in positional trading.

By ordering the trades and then by following the optimal Time frame of that trade, one can quickly solve the problem of figuring the market trend.

There are many advantages of trend trading.

  • Trend trading will help you to remain with the current market flow. Once when you know the direction of the market, you can easily plan your trade.
  • Market circumstances never become an issue for the trend traders. The traders feel enough strengthened to make a profit even in the bull or bear market as well.
  • Trend trader never worries about the Prediction based ethics. The forecasting & Prediction are not part of trend trading. But, making a Prediction or a forecast by strictly following the rules of your Trend trading technique can give you an edge.
  • There is strict control over the risks that are taken by the trend traders. The money management is given the highest preference by setting proper entry-exit and stop-loss.

Below are the few chart examples where you will see how profitable it is always to trade with the trend.

For mastering the concept of ‘Trend,’ we have several unique courses that work well on all time frames. 

All the courses are ‘Unique.’ It has taken almost 15 years of hard work & in-depth research for discovering the market truths.

Our dedicated focus is to make the concept of trend trading crystal clear for traders. It is better to learn the concept of trend trading for shaping your trading skills.

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