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Our Newest Gann Trade Secrets Course is Now Available

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Learn to Trade the Markets Using WD Gann’s Price and Time Methods

If you want to take your trading skills to the next level, you need to know how Price and time work together.

Our new course will not just teach a single method. It is a collection of methods and techniques based on the unique, timeless principles we have discovered after over 20-years of hard work.

Introducing Our Newest Course

“Gann Price & Time Trading Secrets”

In each book of the course, you will learn more than one method of Gann, and that too will be Original and Practical, which is not available anywhere else.

At present, We have released Vol-1 (the 1st book of the course), which will set the foundation for the coming books and methods.

In Vol-1 (the 1st book of the course), you will the below topics.

  • Introduction-The Natural Numbers
  • How to Apply Natural Numbers to Gann Circle of 360-Degrees
  • Three Methods to Use Gann Circle of 360-Degrees to Find Trend Reversal Points (with chart examples)
  • WD Gann’s “Acute Angle Method” Calculation
  • The Mathematical Volume Method

Apart from the above topics, in Vol-1, you will also learn how Gann used and applied numbers to the markets. That information is Gold and will set the base for the forthcoming books of the course.

The next book-Vol-2 will be released before 31 December 2021. Then in every 2-3 months, the following books will get published.

After learning the methods of the VOL-1, You’ll be able to find the turning points like the below charts.

WD Gann’s Price and Time Trading Principles Can be… You’re the Best Trading Friend

Gann’s trading principles are valuable and give much better trading results. But only when you know how to use them correctly. This course is the ultimate opportunity to learn and understand how WD Gann’s trading methods work. Below are the few topics you will learn in the entire Gann Price Time Secrets Course.

  • The Geometry of Natural Numbers.
  • How WD Gann used to view and use numbers: There will be many techniques around this concept in the course.
  • The True Meaning of 360-Degree Circle: You will learn that understanding the real meaning of the circle helps in seeing the market structure from an entirely different perspective. That helps in finding the reversal points.
  • Secret Edge of Trend Method: A simple technique to locate turning points. This trading set-up helps a lot with Entry/Exit in trades.
  • The Inception Method: Well, that was the first Gann technique I discovered early in my research, and this single method is worth 10 times the course. This method is a masterpiece and works for both Intraday and Swing Trading. 
  • How to trade range-bound markets like a Pro: I will share a few simple techniques to help you locate excellent opportunities in range-bound markets.
  • ‘Hook Timing Method’: A masterpiece method that works great on all time frames and helps in tracking the trends.
  • Time Cycle Techniques: There will be many techniques in the course related to time cycles.
  • Exclusive Price and Time Projection Methods: That will help you fix the targets and find the tops and bottoms.
  • And many more.

The access is limited to just 15 students per year. To join the course, e-mail me here: [email protected] to know the course fees other details.

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About the Author

Divesh Jotwani is a Full-time trader in the Indian stock market. He has spent over 20+ years researching and discovering WD Gann's methods and applying them day in and out markets.