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Nifty Breaks The Last 11185 Swing Low

The volatility stands high. During such times you should remain extra cautious before making the trade.

The chance for lower levels are high. Till Nifty 50 Index holds trading below the 11265-11300 range.

Warning: Stop making outcomes. In trading, Assumptions or guess-work never helps.

The lower levels don't mean 7511 or 9000 levels. It means fall can extend more 200-300 points.

If you trade level-to-level, You will remain safe in such a volatile market.

The charts are also confirming the value of the 11265-11300 range. 

Today during Intraday after hitting a low around 11084 levels. The Nifty 50 Index bounces back towards 11250 range and comes down again.

But I want to share new study. 

Today's low is critical. And for more downtrend, bears should watch it.

The reason holds the more in-depth view of the Market Price working in the market.

So for a further downtrend, watch 11084 today's low. And for a short-term trend change, follow the 11265-300 range on the higher side - Divesh.

Note: Above mention Price projection & other Information is for educational purpose only.