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Siemens Stock Trend

Last Updated: June 28, 2019 By Divesh

Siemens Stock Trend

There is only one trend in this stock & that is down, but now stock has reached at Important levels on Weekly (1002) & Monthly (1014) timeframe where some buying can come in the stock, however daily charts are still showing prices can found support around 974 levels, Any further Breakdown will happen only on closing below these above-mentioned price levels.

The thing which every other trader use in the same manner as you are applying will never give you Great Result & Success, in my view for getting good result & success in trading its essential to have unique techniques & methods which hardly known by very few other market participants.

That was the main reason behind the massive success of WD Gann, Mr.Gann developed many Unique trading techniques in his time which are still a mystery for many Researchers & Traders till today’s time.

But now finally many such types of Trading techniques are Re-discovered & finally available for other market participants, you only need to send mail to know more about such unique trading techniques.

Watch for the confirmations mentioned – Divesh

NOTE: These projections & views are not given in an advisory manner but only as an educational tool.


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