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Weekly Expiry Levels of Nifty & Bank Nifty

Today, Nifty & Bank Nifty opened with a gap above the resistance level (18100/38600) discussed yesterday. That was a bullish signal, but both the indices traded in a small range for the whole session.

Above 18140-130 zone bulls are strong and can take Nifty Index towards 18270/350 levels. On the upside, the 18270 is the level where Nifty may face resistance.

Bank Nifty is also stronger until trading above 38600-400 zone. But bulls need to be careful because price action near resistance zone 38700-600 is weak. On the upside, 39050 is the resistance.

Nifty Intraday Gann Levels

Nifty bulls need to break & sustain above 18240 to move towards 18270/18310/18360/18420.

On the lower side, the Gann support level is 18170; below that Index can move towards 18140/18100/18050/17990.

Bank Nifty Intraday Gann Levels

Bank Nifty bulls need to break & sustain above 38600 to move towards 38750/38950/39200.

On the lower side, the Gann support level is 38300; below that Bank Nifty Index can move towards 38150/37950/37700.

Note: The above levels are for educational purposes only, not Buy/Sell advice.