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Nifty Weekly View 27-30th June

Last week Buy was initiated above 9640 which made high of 9698.85 that means still not able to close above 9704 projected high,TCL followers also multiple buying opportunity around 9600 for next week range of 9570 – 9618 will play crucial role for next trending move






As per above, Nifty price vibration bulls break 9600 and moved towards 9698 but failed to go above 9704, Bulls will try to protect 9540 in which if they failed bears will try to take the prices towards 9450 / 9370


As per above, short term EW setup around 9520 bulls can get support to move the prices again towards 9690 / 9760


28th june is Gann date for Nifty, we can expect some volatility or we can see short term top or bottom over around this date


Nifty Trend Changing Level 9618


Nifty Weekly Trading Levels

Buy Above 9630

Target – 9680 / 9740 / 9810

Sell Below 9520

Target – 9470 / 9410 / 9340


. Kindly note above mention levels are for Nifty cash 

. Always trade with stop loss & book partial profit as 1st target reach or trail stop loss


Note: These are my personal trading views, before taking trade kindly consult your trading adviser & kindly see disclaimer