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Nifty Weekly Forecast 13-17th May

In the Last week Nifty Analysis Trading Levels, we discussed. 

Nifty Index opened below our 11650 support level. Then on Tuesday, it tried to come up & made the high of 11657 before falling sharp 400 points. 

It shows how accurate our 11650 Nifty Weekly Forecast Analysis level worked.

In forthcoming week 14 & 17 May are the critical dates.

Nifty Weekly Forecast 13-17th May Week

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Next week 11380 will act as Nifty Resistance above which move towards 11450/11550 levels can seen.

On the Support side, 11240 will work as Nifty Support & below that move towards 11180/11070 can seen.

Note: Above mention price projection & other Information are for educational purpose only.