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Nifty Weekly Trading 17-21st Sep

nifty weekly chart

nifty weekly chart

In Last Nifty Weekly Analysis, we discussed: Now next week 11611 will be Resistance above that move towards 11670 / 11725 can come, and 11530 & 11450 will act as support.

If we failed to get close above 11611, then again move towards 11510 / 11420 can be seen.

Nifty Weekly Chart Trading Levels

Last week we saw good fall below our Natural support level 11530, we are visiting our old Parallel Angles.

Which are adequately scaled, as we can see in the above chart 11250 low came precisely on the angle.

Now, next week Nifty is moving towards multiple resistance levels, 11590 will act as stiff resistance.

Above that move towards 11670 / 11755 can be seen on a short-term basis 11500 will be significant support below that move towards 11440 / 11380 / 11270 can be seen.

Note: Above mention Price projection & other Information are for educational purpose only.