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Nifty Weekly View 8-12th Oct

As posted in last analysis: 10900 will act as support point below that move towards 10830 / 10750 can be / 10630 can be seen, & 10982 will act as Resistance above that move towards 11050 / 11120 / 11180 can be seen.

Nifty Daily Chart Angles

Last week after doing the whipsaw, Nifty did all our downside targets, in such situation one need to strictly follow the trading system with the proper stop loss, for capturing such types significant moves.

Now next week 10180 - 10156 will be the critical support range, any weekly close below 10156 will add more pressure on the index & levels below 10,000 can be seen in that situation & 10400 will act as resistance above that move towards 10490 / 10620 can be seen.

Note: Above mention Price projection & other Information are for educational purpose only.