Nifty May Expiry Day Trading Levels

…Nifty MAY Expiry Day Trading Analysis

In the Last Nifty Intraday Technical Analysis, we discussed. The chances of further upside are more, but there is minor Resistance in the 12010-12020 range. Trading above it will add new positivity in the probability of upside.

Yesterday Nifty made the high around 11931 levels & from there it fell almost 100 points in intraday.

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For further downside, Nifty need to trade below 11790 levels for the move towards the 11740/11660/11550 levels.

Nifty Bulls need to trade above 11950 for a step towards the 12025/12100/12220 levels.

The Resistance range 12010-12020 is still valid, and Nifty Bulls need to break this range of closing basis.

Nifty May Expiry Day Trading levels: 

Support for today in Intraday is at 11815/11770/11680 & Resistance is at 11890/11935/12020.

Note: Above mention price projection & other Information are for educational purpose only.

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