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Nifty Trading View For 08th May

In the last analysis, we discussed. For today’s Intraday session, 9140 Nifty level is the support. Below that lower side shift, for the target of 9090/9020/8900 levels can come. On the upper side, 9240 is Resistance; above that, bulls can the show move towards 9290/9360/9480 levels.

In Thursday session, Index opened down on a flat note & traded in a small range of 100 points for the entire session. 


Today market can open gap up. I’m posting the Intraday levels, considering it.

Now for today’s Intraday session, 9230 Nifty level is the support. Below that we can see the lower side movement, for the target of 9170/9110/8980 levels can come. 

On the upper side, 9350 will act as Resistance; above that, bulls can gain strength for the move towards 9410/9470/9600 levels. 

Note: Above mention Price projection & other Information is for educational purpose only.