Know TODAY in Advance When Nifty can Make a High or Low

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Nifty Intraday Trading Levels for 25th March

In the last analysis, we discussed. For today Nifty Intraday trading session 7490-7477 is the support area for Index, on holding below that we can see lower stages. On the upper side, 7850  will act as Resistance; above that, we can see bulls getting strength during today’s session.

In the ​Tuesday session, Index opened with a sizeable gap up. But it put up all the opening gains and formed the low around 7511 levels, close to our pre-mentioned 7490-7477 support area.

The low in Intraday session was just below the critical Geometrical angle point, the greatest strength place from their bulls then become active and moved the market towards higher side.

Now for today’s Nifty Intraday trading session, 7685-7670 is the support zone on remaining below that we can get lower side move. 

On the upper side, 7907-7920 range will act as Resistance; above that, we can see bulls gaining strength during today’s session.