Nifty Intraday Chart View for 18th June

In the last Nifty Intraday Chart Analysis, we discussed. In the range of 11888-11770 Nifty Bulls are creating excellent support. We should watch 11888 Nifty levels on EOD basis. Below it moves towards 11780/11660 can come.

On Friday Nifty gave the close below 11888 support level, and it was good Sign of further fall.

On Monday, Nifty continues it’s fall and made the low around 11657 levels. 

The fall below 11888 levels did our both the targets.

Nifty Intraday Chart View for 18th June

At present Bears are having an advantage. Bulls need a close above 11840 to regain some energy back.

On the lower side, 11570-11530 range is crucial for Nifty bulls. 

We can use the dip near 11530 for initiating long position with proper stop loss.

Nifty Intraday Chart 18th June Trading Levels

Support for today in Intraday is at 11640/11595/11530 & Resistance is at 11710/11755/11835.

Note: Above mention price projection & other Information are for educational purpose only.

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