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Actuality: The direction to Superior Market Timing

The benefits of Early Bird Timing


True Market Rhythm 1


When we let a realistic look at Price defining a bottom or top to some trend set part one in our technique for entering or exiting a market, we’re within an excellent position to capture that new trend, if there exists  a further method of confirming that bottom or top.

The stops exist in situation our initial confirmations are early along with error.

First, patiently waited for that market Lows and Highs to determine & establish themselves as TRUTH then. .

Applied our Special Mathematical Concepts (True Market Rhythm Method) to verify & to ensure the trigger point for change in Trend momentum

This is shown on above Nifty chart with Orange (golden) circles, in every case shown, these indication price points revealed themselves BEFORE the general public’s trading tools gave a clue. You’ll see this clearly on the chart below where a very popular trading tool’s signals are shown with the blue rectangles.

Let Tops and Bottoms assert themselves rather of guessing once they ‘might’ occur. I am not stating that we can’t be rather certain of when they’ll occur; actually, the WD Gann work done during the last decade proves quite contrary…

Mr. Gann did exactly that using several unique tools of price and trend discovery a couple of which are actually recently rediscovered.