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How Patience Can Help You Win In Trading

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Patience is one quality that you must have or gain to maintain the winning streak. No matter how favourable or unfavourable are the market trends. A successful trader must have the patience to keep growing.

The article will throw light on why Patience is a must to being a successful trader and how it can help win big in trading.

Be Patient for the Best Trading Setups

Most traders end up making losses when they don’t time well their entry into the markets. Impatience and excitement compel a trader to invest. The best time, however, ruled by trade setups that promise positive outcomes.

One must invest according to their style; he must wait until the markets are in tune with it.

Keep From Over-trading

Over-trading often results in revenge trading when one is looking to compensate the losses made in the past. Traders can become anxious and reckless during such times, which may fire back.

Patience is vital at a time like this because it keeps a trader from Over-trading, which can make his account haywire.

Steer Clear of Emotions

Negative feelings and emotions such as greediness, boredom and anxiety can cause loss of vision and clarity of thought, which can affect decision-making capabilities in the worst way.

Lady luck may almost always shower ample profit on most days, but this will not be the case every single day.

A patient trader will not lose his calm and will continue to study the market well in such times. To make a wise decision and act upon it only after having analyzed its trends well.

Room For Progress

Traders who are restless give up midway when they do not earn profits and refuse to learn from their mistakes.

However, disciplined traders must keep enough patience to give time to hone their skills and be well aware of their past mistakes. They run the extra mile to learn from the errors and misjudgments committed in the past. Thus, he is more likely to make profits.

Exit At The Right Time

Impatience can lead a trader to end up making a false judgment. This may further lead him to close a position he had invested in quicker than he should have.

Once the position enters the favourable range, he will regret his decision. So, a trader must hold when he closes his position. One should complete an analysis of it.

Remain Flexible!

It is essential to follow a trading plan and remember that the markets are volatile and may not behave as per your wish. Keeping patience during such times is crucial and change of plan or adjust it as per the demands of the market.

Losing out on patience at a point when the market is not in line with your vision will only discourage you and hamper your potential as a successful trader.

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About the Author

Divesh Jotwani is a Full-time trader in the Indian stock market. He has spent over 20+ years researching and discovering WD Gann's methods and applying them day in and out markets.