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Bears losing their strength… 



I’ve covered this stock earlier on 28th Oct, where we get sell signal & market follows the same as we analysed prices came more than 7% down, Now Hindalco is looking to get bottom out & by following our Unique price projection trading techniques 242.50 is projected bottom for short-term.

If in case it, did not reach on or near to 242.50 then 253.50 is the Critical price turning point on closing above which we can expect the prices to go up-wards again.

The basic principles is going to be debated regarding ‘why’ this happened, but, it’s been my mission on this Blog to handle the ‘WHEN it’ll happen’ question.

The True Market Rhythm has continued to be a dependable tool of research to reply to the issue of ‘WHEN’ for a long time

Locating critical price levels for highs and lows along with highly probably turn dates are really some of the most sought-out tools & techniques that traders wish for, Predictions can be made very precisely, but one must first put away faulty assumptions and teachings – Divesh

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NOTE: These projections & views are not given in an advisory manner but only as an educational tool.

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