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Nifty Bounced Back From Gann Mathematical Support Level

In the last analysis, we discussed. Nifty 8217-8190 is a critical area, on holding below that we can see lower levels. On the upper side above 8455, we can see bulls getting some strength for today's session.

In the Thursday session, Index opened with a substantial gap down and made the low around 7830 levels.

 Gann mathematical Support number

Yesterday Nifty Index low of 7830 is the Critical Gann Mathematical Support number; the same was posted on Facebook during the live market. After making the low at the Gann support level, Nifty bounced almost 700 points by the end of the day.

Now for today's session, 8140-8120 is the support area, on holding below that we can see lower levels. 

On the upper side, 8311-8325 will act as Resistance; above that, we can see bulls getting strength during today's session.