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The Game Called Trading…

Last Updated: April 3, 2018 By Divesh


To be part of 1% you must do what only 1% dare to do…



To get success in-game Call trading we need to be part of that 1% market participants who define their own rules for Buying / Selling with proper information of upcoming opportunities

Same we do in “True Market Rhythm” trading technique, recently applied example on Bank Nifty price chart

1st we projected the Bottom successfully, then we waited patiently for next confirmation of trend change and then we ride the trend by following all set of rules, which later gave us 2nd buying opportunity.

.Now these are the highly critical price turning points which are only in knowledge of hardly 1% market participants,

Are you one of that 1% market participants ???

I know you have already wasted thousand and lakhs of amount on some sought of trading course, but at the end of the day you are still at same place from where you started before spending thousands and lakhs of amount on such courses.

But, at this Blog mission is different I’m here to share or teach you which  are Rare’ Unique & Secret, which are used by only those 1% market participants who are professional or big traders.


Day Trading, Financial Market Energy, Gann Intraday Technique, True Market Rhythm Trading Method

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