Expectation Versus Reality In Trading

The growth in online trade has increased over the years with the development of new technology and the advent of knowledge.

Movies, ads, and penetration of smartphones have made trading seem like a piece of cake.

People jump into the trade and investment market with a lot of expectations and without much thought.

Initially, they become overconfident in placing a trade and end up wasting their capital.

Thus, it is essential to differentiate between your expectations and the realities for your profit.

The difference in High-End Expectations and Hard-hit Realities

The difference in High-End Expectations and Hard-hit Realities

The word trading in itself seems so enticing and engaging- profit in the trade. That’s why many people get excited and start trading while hearing others’ stories.

People expect and don’t realize that trading needs proper study and a strategy. It is necessary to gain knowledge and examine the historical information first before analyzing the data for trade.

One cannot dream and expect results; you need to have the right tools and guidance to fulfill your requirements. Rationality and reasoning are prerequisites for trading.

The whole ‘Let’s get rich’ thing

The whole ‘Let’s get rich’ thing

The get rich quick solution does not exist in reality.

You need to work hard, analyze the market, and get ready to face harsh realities.

If you think you will love trade with every passing second, then you are highly mistaken.

It would be best if you were quick with the decision and should attain the key to risk appetite with a calculative approach.

Don’t think that if your friends easily mint money, then you can too. 

What comes easy won’t last, what lasts won’t come easy.

First of all, it is a risk-taking decision, and second, it is always better to stay aside and away from things which are not understood.

Trading is ‘click, Buy and Sell’ – It’s that simple!

Trading is ‘click, Buy and Sell’ – It’s that simple!

Are you sure? Do you think that it is that easy?

The reality is, trading can be easy and rewarding if a trader has the right tools to figure out the market. Meaning, you must have awareness and understanding of the market then it is easy for you to place a trade.

The hard part is the temptation of greed, dreamy reality, and it’s the relaxed attitude.

Just like any other profession, trading also requires a set amount of dedicated time and effort.

Click, buy, and sell without proper mentorship and experience will not take you anywhere.

An American Financier, Bernard Baruch, said; ‘In trading/investing, it’s not about how much you make, but how much you don’t lose.’

I am the next celebrity!

Looking like a celebrity, having dinner with famous personalities because you are a trader, seems like a dream come true. But it’s only a dream (no hard feelings!).

You want to be successful and have that extravagant life? Then it would be best if you focus on, discipline, and strategic thinking and approach.

Get back to reality and try to achieve the milestones you set for yourself in trading business; don’t possess an illusion of grandeur.

Trading is not going to make you rich in a short period. But your hard work and knowledge will yield you profit.

If you are new, then, take time, start with a small amount, and be consistent.

This way, you will learn and pick up the market pattern. Patience and discipline is the key here.

What can you do?

Invest in Learning & improving your knowledge is a great way to grow wealth.

If you are new, then you need guidance to kick start your trade and gain knowledge about the market. If you have proper guidance, then your confidence and skill increase over time and practice.

Mr. Divesh has spent 15+ years in research and gaining knowledge and finding truths of the financial markets.

He specializes in studying and researching great traders and their strategies. Then the study is applied to the real trading market to see which the best route/plan is.

Also, his cumulative research has led him to form various courses which he has developed from his study.

A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing- to make sure you do not stumble over this knowledge.

Mr. Divesh’s courses help one to understand the reality and latest market trend so that you do not make false expectations in trading.

Fancy cars, living in mansions is not impossible if you trade well.

The key here is emotional discipline and following the path which you have set for yourself. The principle you need to remember is to be in the game to win the game.

About the author

Divesh Jotwani is a Full-time trader in the Indian stock market. He has spent over 20+ years researching and discovering WD Gann's methods and applying them day in and out markets.