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Bank Nifty Weekly View 24th – 28th April

Last week on Monday Bank Nifty made low 21576.75 & from there made new life time high of 21947 rewarded with around 350 points to TCL followers , Shorts was initiated below 21600 which stoploss came on tuesday at 21800 & from there longs was initiated which made high of 21947 & then on wednesday stoploss came for that at 21600 , from there shorts was again initiated which made low of 21396 


As per price vibration chart holding 21300 we can see move till 21750 – 22000 & below 21300 move till 20999 can be seen


Bank Nifty has entered into new short term time cycle which will get complete on 2nd may , below i have marked the past moves of this short term time cycle


25th & 28th April are Gann date for Bank Nifty , we can expect some volatility or we can see short term top or bottom over there..


Bank Nifty Trend Changing Level 21590


Bank Nifty Weekly Trading Levels

Buy Above 21700

Target – 21820 / 21950 / 22250

Sell Below 21400

Target – 21280 / 21150 / 20850



. Kindly note above mention levels are for Bank Nifty cash 

. Always trade with stoploss & book partial profit as 1st target reach or trail stoploss


Note: These are my personal trading views , before taking trade kindly consult your trading adviser & kindly see disclaimer