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Bank Nifty Trading Near Resistance

At present Bank Nifty Trading Near Resistance level, where the bears might come back, and we may see a pause or pullback in the current upswing.

Bank Nifty Trading Near Resistance

On the Daily chart, we had seen before also here, how precisely our (Orange) angled line defines the trend and gave us quick reversal also in last week and know if we draw another angle in that same unique way like our before one (Orange), we see that (Blue) angled line again gave us nice entry on last Tuesday on state election day result.

26920-27055, is the critical price area for bulls & support at downside is at 26500 / 26150.

However, in case if bulls successfully trade above the mention resistance area, then we may see more rise towards the 27300 / 27650.

Note: Above mention Price projection & other Information are for educational purpose only.