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Bank Nifty Falls 1200 Points from Pivot Point

...1200 Points Profit Move in, five Trading Sessions

In our last post, we discussed. Bank Nifty has made the short-term Pivot at the 31511 levels.

The analysis rewards us quite well after our post-Bank Nifty came till 31400 and from there it turned back. Today it made the low around 30250 levels.

How simple was it to Grab 1200 points move opportunity? We use one of our Unique Trading Technique and find Bank Nifty has made the Pivot Point (resistance).

In the next step, we waited for the rise to take the Entry with a Small risk (which we get on Tuesday).

Lastly, After taking the Entry, we waited with Patience to get our Reward of 1200 points.

(Short(er) answer: Yes, it was quite simple.)

What's Ahead for Bank Nifty?

In today’s analysis, I found the range of 30100-30030 is very Crucial for Bank Nifty, as below that we can see the further 500-800 points slide.

We can expect BOUNCE if Bank Nifty manages to hold a 30100-30030 range on EOD basis.

As I had said earlier Trading with Pivot Point is one of the simplest things.

The thing which matters the most is Knowledge, Trading tool (your approach) and lastly the Patience.

Don’t be the Bystander in this Great Cyclic Year, as many creamy moves are on the way.

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