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Knowing Bank Nifty Trend from Intraday Charts

Last Updated: June 22, 2019 By Divesh

Breaking Bank Nifty Trend on the Hourly Chart

Today will discuss how we can anticipate the Bank Nifty trend from intraday charts.

By even taking advantage of small swings for increasing our profits, which looks graying sometimes on daily charts too.

Bank Nifty Trend
Bank Nifty Trend

Above is the Bank Nifty Index Hourly chart, which we are seeing is already in a downtrend.

But if we look at the 'Daily' chart, it will show you a straight downside.

Whereas the hourly chart is showing three swings in the main downside swing, which equals to three more opportunities to which we can convert into action. But by only applying proper trading tools.

It takes great courage & confidence to put the things into the right piece at the accurate time for obtaining the benefits which one can gain & learn by using the solid methodologies.

Which I'm coaching to only selected no. of students every year.

If you are Seeking such profitable possibilities for nourishing your trading career. Then you must have a look at our exclusive & valuable course offerings.- Divesh


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