We are pleased to announce the launch of our New website dedicated to WD Gann's work.

By studying the Time Price & Past movements of the markets. One can extract Significant clues about the upcoming ‘Trends.’ Legendary trader WD Gann advised the same in his below quote.

Time spent in the study of price, Time and past market movements, will give you a rich reward – WD Gann

The truth of Gann's Timing Tool's​

Mr. Gann was one of the Master Trader. He is still known for his impeccable market Predictions & extraordinary trading success.

There are many ways to read & understand market history. One common way which most of the traders use is they look for 10/20/30 years back market history for knowing the future trend.

However, the above way is only useful & functional for CYCLE analysis. The actual Gann Timing Tools are different. After my year’s in-depth study into Gann’s literature, I’m sure about it.

Mr. Gann, in his literature, had given ample of CLUES about his Timing tools. 

However, we all know he never mentioned step by step process for the application of his methods. He only gave CLUES & that too in a much-hidden way.

His actual methods are not available in the public domain for understanding that studying his Books & courses is the only way. 

For understanding his Books & courses, one needs to have an open mind for seeing the things from a very different perspective.

Most of Gann researchers have made themselves victims by making a viewpoint that Time is all about just locating dates.

They have set their Understanding that study of Time is only for getting a Date & Past Movements will form the foundation of those dates.

It is completely wrong. There is a deeper meaning of Time & Past movements, and that is more profitable than locating dates.

Time & Past Movements create much impact on our Day to Day trading. That information can be used for finding the short to long term trading opportunities.

Most of the courses which I teach will help you in learning the proper application of Gann’s Timing Tools.