WD Gann's Harmonic Price & Time Points are one of the essential parts of studies for all traders & researcher, who are interested in knowing the Accurate methods & Techniques of Mr Gann's trading world. Well, sadly this part of the study is mostly overlooked & misinterpreted by many Gann practitioners.

Many clues of very such useful Harmonic Price & Time Points are there in WD Gann's Books Courses & in Charts, but for decoding that Harmonic relationship of Price & Time, one need to have the careful Study of historical events.

Gann made the extensive use of such useful Harmonic Price & Time points throughout his trading career; However, the best & Excellent use of such Precious information can be generated by only applying specific Mathematical formulas, which in results led to forecasting of Significant & Unique changes in Price & Time trends.

Secret Behind the WD Gann's Harmonic Price & Time Points

Gann developed the Techniques that ruled the market at that time and even now known for its Excellence, and he was able to do the by applying, proper & relevant Knowledge of Specific Natural principles which was discovered by him. 

It is necessary to deal with Historical market charts and Scenarios for Decoding & Applying the Gann's Harmonic Price & Time Point’s Techniques, in present time trading markets.

So, many researchers tried their best to understand Mr Gann's work concepts and techniques, but most of them misunderstood the things completely. None of them succeeded and failed to yield the benefits which WD Gann uses to generate with his self-discovered principles and techniques.

I wondered what the main reason was there behind this misunderstanding and what was Mr Gann's principle and techniques. Well, my efforts & hard work of more than a decade towards this research finally helped me to decode & understand many of the WD Gann's principle and methods.

I found many of the original Principles and Techniques that WD Gann used to predict the market factors, for determining the Price & Time events, to rule the trading market.

WD Gann was the Master of the Financial trading world, the world that consists of Mystery and Excellence; he was the member with the highest degree in Mason.

The degree in Mason is entirely dependent on the work and efforts, the Study and Applied Knowledge evaluate the work. So, that's the only way to understand their Secret and Mysterious world. It's essential for the one to know these Principles & Techniques for achieving financial prosperity.